SMITHSON PLANNING provides a comprehensive range of planning and environmental assessment consulting services, including :


v Organisational Management : corporate planning & structural efficiency; computing systems organisational needs analysis; budget formulation, administration, analysis & review; position descriptions, staff appraisals, & productivity analysis; policy formulation, analysis & review; work task performance indicators & fee structuring; tender document preparation, analysis & administration.

v Project Management : covering construction, development and management of land use applications (and more specifically feasibility studies, preliminary investigations, site analysis, infrastructure service availability, design and layout, costs, contract administration, construction site management).

v Strategic Planning : particularly for local government in the compilation of strategic plans, town planning schemes, scheme amendments, development control plans, planning policies and environmental management programs.

v Development Applications : prepared in accordance with the provisions of the relevant Planning & Development legislation, and encompassing design and documentation, liaison with and submission to relevant government authorities, public advertising / presentations to interested groups.

v Subdivision Applications : under the relevant legislation for the creation of freehold, leasehold, strata, grouped and community titled land.

v Rezoning Applications : to amend the zoning of a parcel of land under the town planning scheme in order to facilitate the subdivision and development of land in accordance with the provisions of the town planning scheme.

v Planning / Environmental Appeals : (first and third party) to the Appeal Tribunal or the responsible Minister and the provision of expert evidence in respect of Notice of Refusal or Conditions of Approval (which are unacceptable) as issued by the relevant government authority in relation to applications for planning consent and subdivision.

v Environmental Impact Statements : prepared for consent applications & contaminated site assessments based on an advised “Terms of Reference” involving any of the prescribed forms of designated development (or as otherwise may be required by a government authority).

v Social Impact Assessment : has become a more important consideration in recent times relative to some major development proposals and the issue of compensation. Whereas it may be easy to define economic, ecological or physical impacts arising from development initiatives, it is usually less definitive (but still important) to assess the social impact of development.

v Heritage Management : may include the preparation of an inventory of heritage places (developed in consultation with the community) for adoption by local government and referenced in the town planning scheme; or advice on the specific management aspects of the conservation of a heritage place.

v Community Consultation : encompasses either public consultation or community participation in the planning assessment process, and may vary from a letter of notification to adjoining land owners to detailed programs designed to obtain community and specific interest group involvement (for example our Community Participation program for the Rainbow 2000© Project).

v Road Renaming and Renumbering Proposals : are not common but are invariably some of the most difficult processes to undertake because they will affect a number of businesses / residents in a very direct and personal manner. Never the less, from time to time, it is necessary to the review the naming and numbering of existing roads in order to facilitate better location identification, access and direction for the community, business and emergency services.

v Media Communications : encompasses strategies for communication with TV, radio,  print, web and just getting the message out (eg. our 17-year 25,000+ item Community Participation program for the Rainbow 2000© Project).



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