Albany Anzac 2014-18 – A Major Event


Celebrating the Anzac tradition, the Federation of Australia, and a commitment to peace by all nations in the new millennium.





From the publication ‘Albany – First Western Settlement – No.3 – A Town Grows’ authored by Irene Burgess :


Page 21 “In 1914 thirty-eight ships assembled in King George’s Sound to transport Australia’s first contingent overseas for service in World War I. Escorted by six warships, it was a never-to-be-forgotten scene as the great fleet moved slowly and majestically out of the Sound.”


The Australian War Memorial and the WA Museum have now recovered spectacular video footage of the fleet’s assembly and departure. In 2000, a new millennium, the City of Sydney hosted  the Summer Olympics. In 2001, Australia celebrated 100 years of Federation between the States and the formation of the Commonwealth of Australia as a national identity – there was also an Anzac celebration in Albany (however, the Boer War appeared to be forgotten) - and in 2014, we will remember those who chose to stand up and be counted - when we became a Nation of the world.


The Event


The event is based on the re-enactment of the assembly and departure of the 1st & 2nd Detachments of Australian & New Zealand Imperial Expeditionary Forces for the Middle East and European theatres of WW1 from King George Sound via those forty-two ships (Australia’s first major military action as a nation). The event can coincide with 1 November 2014 (1st), 31 December 2014 (2nd) and Anzac Day (25 April 2014-18 - the Albany Festival). The fleet will be represented by a gathering of maritime vessels (new and old, merchant and military) from around the world, with representation from as many different countries as possible.


The action itself would have the following meaning :


v Honour – those who have made the supreme sacrifice for Australia and peace

v Reflection – a new millennium, to take stock of the commitment to world peace

v Multi-national – involving the world’s economic and political powers.




In the context of this particular proposal, there is a higher purpose associated with the promotion of world peace and international cooperation in this ideal. The event will attract extensive interest through the involvement of a multi-national maritime fleet (and associated military personnel), and its presentation in multi-media format to the world (television, film, video, internet, etc.).


Further, there is Albany 2026-27© – the bicentennial of WA European settlement – two hundred years of history to celebrate humanity at one of the most remote places on earth that Major Edmund Lockyer proclaimed a British colony in 1827. All in all, it should be a fabulous 20-30 years for tourism investment combined with the expansion of the Albany International Sea & Airport facilities, 5-star hotels, casinos, convention and exhibition centres, arts and entertainment facilities.


The Rainbow 2000 Project is a private planning strategy that has not been endorsed by any level of governance in Australia, which is what makes it particularly relevant and very challenging for governance, industry & community.


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Review Albany Anzac Exhibition 2006 Pictures Courtesy of The Albany Advertiser


Albany Anzac Epilogue : from the Exhibition 19-26 April 2006 : Albany Town Hall

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