Rainbow 2000—a Regional Planning Strategy for Albany & the Great Southern, Western Australia


Smithson Planning of Albany, consultants in National Investment Growth Pathing (Regional Development), have prepared a conceptual approach to the review of future planning in respect to the amalgamated Albany City Council and the lower Great Southern Region of Western Australia.


The Rainbow 2000© regional strategy comprises six main elements being :


v An overall planning policy statement (framework for financial programs)

v Great Southern Region planning initiatives statement

v Metropolitan Albany planning initiatives statement

v Albany Central Business District planning initiatives statement

v Albany Anzac 2014-18 Re-enactment© – a major event (marketing strategy)

v Albany Bicentennial 2026-27© – a celebration of European Settlement in WA.


There is a National and International Policy Program; however, the regional strategy addresses economic, social and ecological considerations at a variety of planning levels, but has evolved from (but not based on) the Western Australian State Planning Strategy adopted in December 1997 by the State Government, and which covers a thirty (30) year time frame to Year 2029. Following the amalgamation of the Albany Town and Shire Councils, the timing is right under the new City Council to bring forward all the potential ideas that should be considered in the regional review process (including sea port relocation).


Albany is a city with great potential at the heart of a diverse region, and we think it reasonable that the next thirty (30) years will be likened to a renaissance period for development as new urban forms, changing rural industries and other cosmopolitan characters of society continue to evolve. Some of the main aspects of the regional strategy include a population by Year 2029 of 250,000 permanent residents spread across Albany (150,000), Denmark (30,000), Mt.Barker (30,000), Bremer Bay (30,000) and Cranbrook (10,000) : a conservative annual population growth rate of 5% in Albany (double the current rate).


The proposals were developed by business for business in discussion with the community, and the strategy reflects what could happen in Albany and the region over the next 30 years (this is not an overnight plan). The bottom line of Rainbow 2000© is regional economic development, and proposals that roughly equate to $5.0 billion in investment and the creation of 30,000 jobs. If adopted, this would mean major cultural change in the Great Southern Region.


We encourage you to read the Rainbow 2000 10th Anniversary, the Rainbow 2000 Question Without Notice to the Minister for Planning & Infrastructure, and the Rainbow 2000 Financial Statement for a succinct explanation. For more information, down load various files via WinZip or Adobe PDF.


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The Rainbow 2000 Project is a private planning strategy that has not been endorsed by any level of governance in Australia, which is what makes it particularly relevant and very challenging for governance, industry & community.


A general disclaimer applies to this material – don’t assume – please ask.


Albany Sea Port Relocation Plan

Albany International Airport Plan

Rainbow 2000 Sustainability Paper

Leach Highway Heavy Freight Toll Route Plan 2005

Albany’s UNESCO World Heritage

Rainbow 2000 10th Anniversary Project Evaluation

Rainbow 2000 PIA CPP Legislation & Governance

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