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Smithson Neil Ramsay


Your independent candidate for the Federal seat of O’Connor in 2010


Things I will support :

v State Government of Manypeaks (Commonwealth of Australia)

v State Government of Recherche Goldfields (Commonwealth of Australia)

v Population growth and regional development throughout Australia

v Uranium Mining & Nuclear Power

v Port Corporations / Seaport relocation for Albany and Esperance

v Gas pipeline from Bunbury via Albany to Esperance

v Railway line linking Newdegate, Lake King, Ravensthorpe & Esperance

v Railway line linking Leonora, Wiluna & Newman

v Anzac 2014-18 celebrations - Albany Anzac Re-enactment 2014 ($100m)

v LNG Highways - Albany, South Coast, Great Eastern, Goldfields, Esperance

v Bremer Basin oil & gas exploration and biofuels research / production

v Desalination for water supply - salinity management

v Carbon pricing for CPRS emissions & renewable power generation

v Private health insurance & regional private hospitals

v Empowerment, self-determination & private enterprise

Things I opposed :

v Minerals Resource Rent Tax (RSPT) - it’s unconstitutional and detrimental to Australia

v More government from or by Canberra & Perth - local grown and owned is always best

v Australian Constitutional Monarchists - it’s time we stood up as one society in freedom.


Political Speeches : AlbanyCCI (6th) or KalgoorlieBCCI (13th) or KojonupWAFF (16th)

Rainbow 2000 © — a Regional Planning Strategy for Albany & the Great Southern — Neil Smithson for O’Connor MHR, Western Australia




















Discussion papers available :


v Peak Oil Gas & Nuclear Power – everybody’s growing concern

v     Manypeaks Transitional Governance – a challenge for the State of Western Australia

v     Anzac 2014-18 – a National Celebration Strategy – there is a role for each Australian state / various cities

v     Albany International Airport – achieving regional accessibility for trade

v     Albany Industrial Seaport Relocation Plan – achieving regional accessibility for trade

v     Albany’s UNESCO World Heritage – Anzac & Convict Colonial Settlement – international tourism

v     Planning Instruments of Western Australia – the bottom line of WA Planning Commission activities

v     Planning and the Australian Media – part of the problem / part of the solution

v     Global Warming & Sea Level Change – profound implications for insurance & property development.


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Albany, Western Australia