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Emu eggs gathering - Ronald Williams 2007

HMAS Perth II - Trish Powell 2002

The Shaver - James Tapscott 2000

Paperartzi Albany - Kyoko Ibe 2007

The Australian Smithsonian is an independent research group examining the global futures of economy, ecology, and sociology within the extant political framework, and maintains a philanthropic relationship with community, governance and industry as expressed through the arts, sciences, and social sciences of academic endeavour. Some of the major projects under consideration include :

1. National Museum & Memorial to the Australian Anzac (Albany)

2. National Museum of Australian Antarctic Exploration and Research (Albany)

3. National Museum of Australian Marine Research and Development (Albany)

4. National Museum of Australian Contemporary Arts and Literature (Albany)

5. National Museum of Australian Ecumenical Celebration (Albany Cathedral)

6. National Museum of Australian European History and Development (Albany)

7. National Museum of Australian Indigenous History and Development (Albany)

8. National Museum of Australian Heritage Management (Albany)

9. National Museum of Australian Maritime History (Albany)

10. National Museum of Australian Silviculture (Mt. Barker)

11. National Museum of Australian Viticulture (Mt. Barker)

12. National Museum of Australian Floriculture (Albany Botanical Gardens & Bremer Bay FRNP)

13. National Museum of Alternative Power Generation (Albany)

14. National Museum of the Noongar Indigenous Arts (Albany)

15. Australian Academy for Media and Communications Science (Albany)

16. Australian Academy for the Performing Arts and Human Expression (Albany)

17. Australian Academy for the Political and Social Sciences (Albany)

18. Australian Academy for Natural Resource Management (Albany)

19. Australian Academy for Indigenous Health Management (Albany)

20. Australian Stock Exchange (Albany)

21. Manypeaks Private Hospital & Medical Research Institute (Albany)

22. Mt. Melville Geospatial Management Centre & Telecommunications Tower (Albany)

23. Rainbow Stadium (Thunderdome) & the Albany Commonwealth Games 2026

24. Rainbow Warriors All Sports Club (Home of the Albany Tigers)

25. Royal Military College Clarence & Melville Castle (Albany)

26. State Government of Manypeaks : Parliament Place & the Capital Buildings (Albany)

27. University of Manypeaks (Albany).

The Australian Smithsonian aspires to, but is otherwise, not associated with the business entity that is the Smithsonian Institute of the United States of America.

The Rainbow 2000 Album - Not Released : see tracks on Rainbow 2000 (16) & Albany Anzac (5)

The Australian Smithsonian